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Richard Green

From the Navy to Crossroads: Getting to Know Richard Green


A Word from Your CBC Team: With this blog post, we officially and publicly welcome Richard Green to the Crossroads Bible College Team. We won’t tell you what Richard’s role is…but if you read his entire post, you’ll find out directly from Richard!

All Glory to God

 While serving in the military for 20 years, I always had a knack for making others sound great on evaluations. It is describing myself on paper that has always been difficult. I continue to struggle with this, but I am proud to post this information because truly I am giving glory to God who has made all things possible and giving thanks to my beautiful bride, Christy, who supports me continuously.

I am from a very small town in Mississippi called Yazoo City. It is the last town traveling west after leaving the capital city before entering the Delta. It is mostly agricultural. My early years were spent farming, creek hopping, and just being a kid. We had little, but we had enough! Let me assure you, life is interesting in a small town especially when everyone, and I mean everyone, knows your mom. I was adopted by my paternal grandparents at a very young age.

At age 14, I learned a greater adoption had taken place when I asked Christ into my life after attending a youth camp. I have come to understand being a Christian is a lifelong journey where our challenge and charge is to fulfill the Great Commission of reaching everyone with the good news of Jesus Christ. God provided exceedingly in the small town I grew up in.

College, the Navy, and Beyond…

 After high school, I attended a community college about an hour away for a year before leaving for the greatest Navy in the world. The plan was to serve for a couple of years then separate and attend college. Plans do change…

A year after joining, I met my future bride, married, and we began our family. The Lord would bless us with six children (3 boys, 3 girls). Since both of us were adopted by grandparents, there was always a longing for us to bless another child the way we were blessed. My wife obviously had the intention of blessing multiple children as our initial discussion was about one child. Now we have three adopted children. We love having a large family! Two of our children would be considered by society as “special needs” although most would never know. My wife has been instrumental in campaigning for children requiring certain services. As a result, our children have received the costly and intensive counseling needed to assist them in preparing for life as young men. God has journeyed with us through the valleys, as well as stood with us upon the mountain tops.

While serving in the Navy for 20 years, we were blessed to serve in local churches/chapels around the world including London, Virginia, Mississippi, Hawaii, and Illinois. It was during this time that I felt the leading of the Lord to serve Him in any way He chose. My ministries over the years have included teaching small groups, leading evangelism outreach programs, co-coordinating conferences, serving as the Lay Leader (Chaplain) aboard two ships conducting Sunday services and evening prayers, serving on various committees, being a deacon, preaching, and various other ministries. Currently I am the Education Director of my church and also assist a church plant.

In the military, there is your main job and then there are other jobs at times totaling eight or more hats worn at one time. My twenty-year career began as an Undesignated Seaman. Basically, I joined without a job title. Later, upon reaching the E-6 rank, I wanted to become a Command Career Counselor (CCC). Basically, a CCC’s work relates to everything in a Sailor’s career (i.e. education, retention, retirement, advancement, or clearance would come through my office). It was often joked whether a Sailor was happy or mad that it was my fault! It took lots of studying and many verbal boards by those well above my paygrade, but ultimately I was approved. This new job meant I only worked for two people at any command—the top officer and the top enlisted. This was an extremely challenging job, but each morning I put my feet on the floor and could not wait to get to work. I loved it! I loved the interaction with each Sailor despite their rank, and I loved assisting them from beginning to end of each area of their career.

During my last shore tour in the Navy, I completed my Bachelor of Science in Religion from Liberty University. Later I would finish my Master of Arts in Christian Education from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and a teaching accreditation from the Association of Christian Schools International. Currently, I am completing a Master of Divinity in Leadership also from Southern Seminary. It is my belief we never stop learning. Whether enrolled in higher education or walking through an exegetical study of the Bible, there is always something new to learn!

At the end of my final tour in the Navy (Recruit Training Command Great Lakes, IL) I was offered the newest carrier (USS Gerald R. Ford) to be the lead CCC and my last advancement (E-9) was guaranteed. But twenty years of moving across oceans with many children and animals in tow, mostly alone, had taken its toll on my lovely bride. Christy has always been my biggest advocate, my loudest cheerleader, and my strongest supporter, but she was ready for a change in my work. So, May 2013, I left the Navy and settled into my new role at Indianapolis University Purdue University Indiana (IUPUI) as the Testing Coordinator. Our team was responsible for campus-wide classroom assessment. It was a major shift in pace from what I had become accustomed to, but God allowed this change in pace so I could become a more active husband and father. I am very grateful for the leadership at IUPUI Testing Center who extended me this opportunity to serve immediately following my transition from the military.

Serving Christ at Crossroads

 It is my honor to now be serving as Dean of Enrollment Management (EM) and to be a part of the great team at Crossroads Bible College. Two years ago while completing an assignment for a class, I met Dr. Piotrowski. I was impressed by Crossroads Bible College’s staff. The professionalism and customer service shown to me that day left a lasting impression. I remember leaving that day thinking how wonderful it would be to join their team one day.

God works in many ways!

One of the happiest moments in my ministry was when I learned I had been selected to serve as Crossroads’ new Dean. Not only has God allowed me join His team at Crossroads, but also the opportunity to work alongside the students, parents, community leaders, alumni, ministry leaders, staff, and faculty. I am honored!

The vision of the EM team is to work as a cohesive unit to fulfill the mission of Crossroads Bible College: “To glorify God by training Christian leaders to reach a multiethnic urban world for Christ.”

May God receive the glory!

David Selvey

Riding in God’s Wagon


A Word from Your CBC Team: With this blog post, we officially and publicly welcome David Selvey to the Crossroads Bible College Team. We won’t tell you what David’s role is…but if you read his entire post, you’ll find out directly from David!

My Wagon Ride with Christ

As I sit at my desk at Crossroads Bible College, I am overcome, humbled, and awed at the journey upon which God has carried me. Years ago, a dear brother in Moldova said to me, “We need to see where God’s wagon is going and ask if we can get on board to ride with Him.”

I have to say that riding in God’s wagon is amazing! Over my lifetime, I have often ridden in my own wagon, but I have experienced the most joy when I found God’s wagon and got onboard.

I rode in my wagon all the time for the first sixteen years of my life. God blessed me with a Christian mom and a tolerant father and I accepted Christ as my Savior at sixteen. I was in God’s wagon for a bit, but didn’t know how to stay in it. For a newly saved teenager in the turbulent seventies, the ride was bumpy and I wasn’t sure how to hang on. I don’t mean my salvation. That was secured by Christ. I mean I didn’t know how to stay in God’s wagon. Sometimes, I didn’t even realize I had bounced out of His wagon and was riding in my own or walking down the path of life oblivious to God’s plan.

Yet, God was working His plan. I’m so thankful that I am not powerful enough to ruin His plan for me! As I moved beyond high school, I focused on my wagon. I didn’t even look for God’s wagon. However, that was not a problem for God. He simply twisted the road to take me where He wanted me to go!

I joined the Air Force upon graduation from high school, partly to learn a trade and partly for the educational benefits. God used my Air Force career to provide me with several blessings: a godly wife, more cross-cultural exposure, high tech training, and a college education. While in Spain in the Air Force, I participated in planting a church for the US military stationed at Torrejón Air Base. God also blessed us with two children while we were stationed in Spain. That was when I started looking for what God was doing and where His wagon was going so I could get on board.

Sensing God’s calling to ministry, I attended a Christian University and Seminary, earning a B.A. in Bible and a M.R.E. with an emphasis on adult Christian education. God blessed Kathy and me with two more children and graciously allowed me to serve in many evangelistic and teaching ministries during those years. He also gave me the honor of serving as a pastor for three of those years. God’s wagon then took us to Spain to serve as missionaries.

God gave me the amazing opportunity to serve as the director of the Baptist Bible Institute of Torrejón. During that time He enabled me to develop curriculum for training pastors and church leaders. I had realized my dream, yet all was not well and it took a while for me to realize I was habitually getting out of God’s wagon to take my own excursions.

God Got My Attention 

God orchestrated circumstances, as only He can, to get my attention. My children were rebelling and did not respect me; my wife could not stand to be around me; and I was losing the ability to keep it together among my peers. My hypocrisy was slowly being exposed.

I finally admitted I was trying to do everything in my own power. I could not even see God’s wagon, much less get in it! When I confessed and repented of my pride, surrendered to God’s patient prodding, and pleaded for God’s help, He brought His wagon into view once again.

We went to Faith Church in Lafayette, Indiana, for biblical counseling. God was working in our lives and it was clear that His wagon for us was parking in Lafayette. If I wanted to ride in His wagon, I would have to be willing to sit in a wagon that did not appear to be going anywhere. I had prepared academically for ten years to serve in the Bible Institute in Spain. I had spent three years raising support for our family to go to Spain as missionaries. Surely God did not want me to stay in Lafayette and work a secular job. Yet that is where God’s wagon was, and I decided I wanted to ride in His wagon.

I then made the most difficult decision of my life. I resigned from our mission agency and took a job to support my family while we healed, learned, and grew in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. Some of the blessings of sitting in that parked wagon include the salvation of our oldest daughter, the healing of our marriage, the healing of my relationship with our children, and a true surrender to God’s plan for my life.

For my first five years at Faith Church, I served as God brought opportunities my way. I wanted His wagon to go down the missionary road, but it didn’t. It took every bit of that five years for me to get to the place where I could consistently, confidently, and joyfully say, “God, I fully surrender to your will for me, whether it includes missions or not, even if it means staying in Lafayette for the rest of my life.” Then I heard the wheels on God’s wagon creaking. It was moving forward once again and I was in it!

God led me to start a contracting business so I could manage my own schedule to attend my children’s extra-curricular events and serve in ministry. God allowed me to work with the church missions committee and then to lead the missions ministry of Faith Baptist Church. God allowed me to influence the advance of the missions ministry and its awareness among our congregation.

During my years there, God used me to start the International Partnerships ministry, which includes partnerships with established churches in other countries, the goal of which is to strengthen those churches. That ministry has grown to include countries in Eastern Europe, Africa, South America, and the Caribbean. God also invited me to lead the establishment and development of Faith Global Missions as an evangelical mission agency.

God’s Wagon Ride to Crossroads 

In July 2016, I accepted the invitation of Dr. Charles Ware to join the team at Crossroads Bible College as the Director of Institutional Advancement. I love the multicultural environment of the school and look forward to helping it advance in training urban ministry leaders and biblical counselors.